Monday, November 17, 2008

Liquid Holiday Cheer!

The holidays are almost here and that means the return of my favorite holiday treat. Candy canes? Fruit Cake? Absolutely not! Those things are terrible. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with candy canes. I don’t know why I said that. What I am referring to is the triumphant return of eggnog!

Eggnog is as delicious and wonderful as it is terrible for you. I’ll be the first to admit, that the name egg nog sounds less than appetizing. I myself wouldn’t touch the stuff until I was in high school. However, once I tried it, I couldn’t stop. There are many different varieties of eggnog produced each year: Golden, vanilla, pumpkin, light, and even sugar free (though I would classify that as sweet milk). Eggnog is the perfect drink for people that want to have a little holiday drink, but also want some pancakes.

Eggnog can also be mixed with liquors such as rum, brandy, whiskey, and cognac and is apparently a great source of magnesium. That’s good right? It’s the perfect drink for holiday parties and is so versatile that you can even put it in your coffee! I strongly recommend that you drop whatever you are doing and get to your local grocery store to stock up on eggnog before the holiday rush. I’m giving you insider information here people, use it as you will.

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Emily said...

Funny you should mention egg nog and pancakes... One Christmas I was making pancakes and realized I was out of milk, but I did have a lot of egg nog. I substituted the milk for the egg nog and it was amazing! I've made egg nog pancakes every Christmas since. They come out extra fluffy, sweet and totally yummy!