Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Glass Ceiling in Christmas Light Displays?

I was browsing some outdoor Christmas lighting displays earlier today and discovered an interesting phenomenon. I found one lighting set where the motorcycle Santa costs more than Mrs. Claus, and it's basically the same size. Why the different price? Maybe it's just supply and demand, and Santa may be the one you really want at your home on Christmas Eve, but this spurred an entertaining discussion with my fiancee:

Me: I wonder why Mrs. Claus on a motorcycle is only $975?! Equal pay for equal work!
Him: Even the elves costs more…

Me: There’s a glass ceiling in holiday lighting!
Him: Now, I’m sure Mrs. Claus is integral to the success of Christmas, but she doesn’t have to ride out in the cold air and squeeze herself down chimneys. There are high risks associated with the job; it’s right behind King Crab fishing…

Me: I guess I understand Santa getting paid more… sure. He puts in a tough night of labor every year and he deserves every penny. The elf getting paid more than the woman behind Santa is just a slap in the face.
Him: Maybe you should boycott Christmas.

What's your stance? Is Santa worth the hype? Should an elf make more than Mrs. Claus? Any guesses as to where they are going on their Harleys?

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