Monday, December 8, 2008

3 Films that you didn't know were Holiday Movies

Sure you knew you can’t get them wet, they can’t be in the sun, and you can’t feed them after midnight. But did you know that Gremlins is actually a Christmas movie? Think about it. There are Christmas lights, snow, and at one point the Gremlins themselves sing Christmas carols to the enjoyment of no one! And who could forget the touching story explaining why Phoebe Cates doesn’t much care for the holidays? If you’ve had enough of the same old Christmas movies, pop Gremlins in your DVD player. Provided of course that Gremlins haven’t already destroyed it.

Ghostbusters 2
Sure ghosts are an issue 360 days a year for most of us, but in Ghostbusters 2 evil rears its ugly head on at the onset of the holidays and culminates on New Year’s Eve. When a haunted painting of a 16th century madman tries to take over the city, the boys in beigh are ready to do defend New York in an epic battle that can only be won with proton packs, slime, and holiday cheer of New Yorkers everywhere.

Die Hard 2
Meet John Mclain, the smart mouthed, gun toting, New York cop who saves Christmas! When a sky scraper is overrun by terrorists on Christmas Eve, Bruce Willis is forced to take action into his own hands with nothing but wits, guns, and an endless array of Holiday puns.

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