Friday, November 16, 2007

Pet Beds: Pamper Your Pets for Christmas

The “dog days” aren’t just for summer! Your dog does so much for you and your family – it’s time to repay him for being your best friend. This Christmas season, pamper your pet with a comfortable dog bed to relax and sleep on!

Sharing a bed with your adorable companion might keep you warm during the night, but often it’s hard to sleep with the weight of your dog on your legs. A good dog bed will provide the comfort and support your dog needs to get a good night’s sleep – and you will sleep better with all the extra space in your bed! Dog beds are also better for your dog’s overall wellbeing. When your dog sleeps on the floor or other hard surfaces, it can cause your four-legged buddy to develop arthritis and calluses later in life. A pet bed will keep your puppy healthy and fit.

Dog beds are perfect for any breed dog of any size and come in a variety of styles. Nesting dog beds, pillow dog beds, bolster dog beds, furniture style dog beds, and designer dog beds are a few of the cozy options you have to choose from. The dog bed that is right for your pet will depend on the size of your dog, the age of your dog, and needs of your dog. The type of pet bed your choose for your dog will also depend on whether you’re looking for a casual spot for your dog to lounge in or a bed with the utmost of luxury. For older, arthritic, or ill dogs, orthopedic dog beds are recommended for maximum comfort and support.

If you love the gift of comfort, your pets will, too! While you relax on the couch and toast chestnuts over an open fire, allow your loveable dog to join in the fun and settle down nearby on his or her own pet bed!

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